“Old-fashioned thrashing.” That’s how Kiara Scott of 319th Airborne Field Artillery Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division described his team’s loss to 8th Military Information Support Group at Funk Physical Fitness Center, March 3. Having just five players played a big part in MISG ‘s one-sided victory over the 319th.

“I thought it was going to be a closer game than this. 319th was missing a lot of players due to the inclement weather,” said Marcus Brown, starting guard for MISG.

From tip-off, MISG came out running, going on a 17-0 run to start the game. MISG’s swarming defense caused the short-handed 319th to turn the ball over numerous times. MISG then capitalized on the opportunities with one fast break after another. A fierce alley-oop dunk by David Hamwright pretty much described the flow of the entire game. That dunk was just one of several by him. “He averages about six dunks a game,” said Brown about Hamwright. Brown added to his team’s run with two, three-pointers.

Scott and Larry Hawkins try to will 319th back into the game. They took advantage of MISG’s sometimes lazy defense to give their team a fighting chance. Unfortunately, turnovers haunted them throughout the game, allowing William Delane with 30 points.

The first half ended with score of 36-22.

Scott delivered a hard foul to start the second half, as 319th came out physical against the run-and-gun MISG, but it only seemed to fire the team up some more.

Hamwright drove baseline to throw down a powerful left-handed dunk, keeping the momentum of the game in his team’s favor. From there MISG turned up the defense once again, forcing turnovers and pouring in more points.

The lead grew as much as 30 points, midway through the second half.

Delaney began knocking down threes of his own before catching a fast-breaking alley-oop off the backboard.

Fatigue began to overtake the undermanned 319th squad as it started shooting desperate three-pointers an attempt to get back in the game.

Big blocks from Hamwright lead to more easy points. As the game wound down, MISG racked up on points finishing the game with a score of 81-46.

“It would had been a different game if we had our whole team,” Scott said after the game. His team finished the regular season in 11th place with a record of 2-7.

According to Brown, 8th Military Information Support Group has won every game this season by an average of 20 points or more.

This victory solidified them as the top team for League #5, allowing them into the base tournament as a top-seeded team.

Only four teams from each of the five leagues will participate in the tournament, which began Tuesday and will continue through March 12. The 319th will go into the tournament as the 4th seed for the league. The team from Womack Army Medical Center is the No. 2 seed, while the 112th Signal Battalion will occupy the third seed. The championship game for the base tournament will take place March 12 at Funk Physical Fitness Center.