Iím paying my personal trainer a pretty penny and in the beginning she was all about talking me through the exercises and cheering me on. But as the weeks go on, she is more and more distant. She gives me the workout of the day and then leaves to talk with other clients. She checks in on me Ö but maybe once or twice throughout my workout. I know Iím not very talkative when I work out, but what gives? I feel like Iím not interesting enough or worth the trouble to keep company.

Workout Woes

Dear Workout,

First of all, I want to congratulate you on sticking with a workout even though you donít feel supported! That is an accomplishment in itself. Second, which I would probably chicken out of as well, but youíve got to tell her. Explain to her that you need someone pushing you to do your best while working out. I mean, why else are you paying her?! (Obviously, you can leave that part out.)

A friend, whoís also a personal trainer, told me that sometimes when a trainer sees that a client is getting it, theyíll back off to help others who may need the extra push. Maybe you are just rocking those weights that she figures you know what youíre doing and is laying off until she has another workout for you. If you feel like youíre not doing an exercise right, ask her to explain again. Just by asking questions she may hang out around you more just to ensure you are doing it right. Just like any relationship, business relationships need to have good communications as well. Let her know, and if she doesnít take the hint, maybe you need to get another trainer who is willing and able to be with you throughout the whole process.

Good luck and keep it up!