The Rogue Rollergirls dominated the Kill Devil Derby Brigade as they outscored their opponent by 203 points during the Mayday Havoc for Heroes roller derby bout at the Round-A-Bout Skating Center in Fayetteville, May 4.

Tanea ‘Feelin’ Froggy’ Murphy carried the Rogues, scoring more than 80 points to rally her team to a 287-84 victory over the KDDB.

The event was held in appreciation of the military, and a portion of the proceeds from the event was donated to the Army’s Army, a network of volunteers that support those in the military and their Family members.

The derby showcased 60 minutes of full-contact competition that had some members of the audience shocked and excited.

“I really enjoyed myself,” said Spc. Devon Dickerson, a multimedia illustrator in the 3rd Military Intelligence Support Battalion. “I was surprised that the event was as big as it was.”

“When I used to hear about a roller derby, I typically thought that it was like a small, fun skating event,” Dickerson continued. “When they started playing however, I saw that this was actually a highly intensified, physical sport that you can lose a tooth playing and that was exciting.”

‘Feelin’ Froggy’s outstanding performance made her a fan favorite among some of the troops.

Dickerson said that she was tougher than she looked.

“I think everyone was ‘Feelin’ Froggy’ tonight,” Dickerson said. “I was shocked that she was so full of aggression. I also, liked the fact that she remained humble and showed good sportsmanship throughout the bout too. It shows that she has class,” he added.

“In her (‘Feelin’ Froggy’s) profile, it says that she got her name from being bullied as a kid in Texas,” Dickerson said. “I think she did the bullying tonight.”

Dickerson said he plans to go to more of the Rollergirls events and recommends the derby to other Soldiers.

“I would recommend this to all Soldiers who enjoy watching an exciting sport,” he said. “It was very organized and turned out to be a really fun-filled event.”

“I think if more Soldiers came out they would see how exciting it really is,” he said. “They might even want to join the team after watching. I mean these girls are tougher than some guys I know,” Dickerson noted.

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