The Fort Bragg Fire and Emergency Services Division would like to wish everybody a Fire Safe and Happy New Year. What better way to start out the New Year then by implementing some good fire prevention practices.

Accidents will happen, but if you take a closer look, most accidents are a result of human error and would have been prevented if someone would have done the right thing. Additional Fire Prevention steps can be made to ensure your environment is fire safe.

Fire inspectors conduct inspections at facilities on Fort Bragg to ensure the buildings are fire safe and meet fire code requirements. Each facility is required to have a Unit Fire Safety Marshal assigned. The UFSM is responsible for conducting a walkthrough of their respective areas and ensuring compliance with Fire and Life Safety requirements. They will correct deficiencies noted, submit diamond maintenance orders to Directorate of Public Works for repairs or contact the Fire Prevention office for additional assistance. They will also develop, maintain and post a fire evacuation plan within their facility as well as practice that plan periodically. They will maintain records on fire and life safety inspections, portable fire extinguisher checks, fire evacuation drills and fire safety training. The UFSM is the first line of defense to a good, strong fire prevention program.

The unit commander or organizational leader shall assign a member of the unit that will perform the duties in a responsible manner and show a positive bearing on fire and life safety. A primary and alternate UFSM is required for each facility, in the event one or the other is not available fire safety is continuously maintained.

Fort Bragg FES/DES Fire Prevention section conducts a UFSM training class on the second Tuesday of every month at the Pope Theatre. Registration is required and can be completed through the website listed in this article.

“Fire Is Everyone’s Fight”. Fort Bragg F&ES continues to communicate the U.S. Fire Administration’s campaign message “Fire Is Everyone’s Fight” in an effort to reduce property loss, injury and deaths caused by fires. Each person on Fort Bragg is responsible for fire safety. To make your fire marshal’s job easier, you should maintain a clutter free work space, keep aisle ways and corridors clear of furniture and supplies, do not block doors and other means of egress routes and do not stack items too close to the ceiling.

For more information, contact the Fort Bragg Fire and Emergency Services Fire Prevention Office at 432-6727, or visit their website at