Happy 237th Army Birthday!

America’s Army celebrates 237 years of dedicated service in supporting our nation and way of life. The United States Army is the strength of the nation; Soldiers are the strength of the Army and Families are the strength of the Soldier!

Since the first American Soldiers manned the newly-formed Continental Army,  with little more than raw courage and a fierce determination to succeed, Soldiers in each generation have answered the call to duty. They knew the road ahead would be difficult in the early days. They also knew that the outcome — a free country, and freedom for its citizens, would be worth the challenges.

The United States Army has grown and transformed from sparse beginnings into a fighting force that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. Our Army has fought the nation’s wars at home and abroad and it continues to do so in Afghanistan today. Our Army stands ready to respond anywhere needed to support citizens in distress. We remain Army Strong!

The Soldiers, leaders, civilians and Families of Fort Bragg have a unique and celebrated mission in being among the first to respond in times of crisis. We are trained and ready to accomplish any mission, meet any challenge and deliver decisive results.

Happy Birthday — and thanks for keeping our Army Strong!

Airborne — All the Way — Army Strong

Rodney O. Anderson