In an effort to promote summer reading, Gordon and Shughart elementary schools gave every student a book donated by Lenovo Corporation, June 12.

“Lenovo is one of several North Carolina companies that is partnering with N.C. Department of Public Instruction on the ‘Give 5 — Read 5’ campaign to encourage summer reading in grades K through 5,” said Renee Lane, director of USO-Fort Bragg. “Lenovo representatives approached our center about making a large book donation to Fort Bragg elementary school students at year-end as a way to reinforce and improve reading skills over the summer. Lenovo is a strong advocate for education and military Families, and could not be a better partner with the USO of North Carolina.”

Karen Ondrick, Lenovo’s director of government and community partnership, was there to help excited students look through stacks of books.

“It was an honor to help support the Department of Defense Education Activities and give back to servicemen and women who do so much for the United States,” said Ondrick. “It was inspiring to see the excitement and enthusiasm on the children’s faces as they made their book selections. I hope Lenovo has made an impression on them that will help them maintain their love for reading.”

More than 1,300 books were donated and separated into age-appropriate groups, giving each child the opportunity to choose a book to take home for the summer.

“What a heartwarming sight it was to see all the children in the library going through the stacks of new books and making their selections,” said Lane. “One excited kindergartener told me that her new book would teach her how to make pancakes and that was better than going to the mall.”

Carolyn D. Carr, Shughart Elementary School principal said Shughart puts special emphasis on the acquisition of reading skills.

“As a student I hated to read until the third grade,” said Carr. “My teacher was a good storyteller and presented us with such great pieces of literature that sparked a love for reading in me. The students of Shughart love to read. The excitement of receiving a free book at the end of the school year will truly spark a desire in them to read all summer long.”