My girlfriend of two years and I just got engaged. Everything has been great between us. With her planning the wedding though, she seems to be stressed out more and blames me when things go wrong. I just take the criticism and let her think she’s right. But now, it’s starting to wear me down. She’s so stressed, she cries if I disagree. What gives?


Dear Soon-to-be,

With that being said, you need to remember. Your bride has probably planned this wedding numerous times in her head when she was a child. She knows what dress she’s looking for, how the cake will look, and what song she and her father will dance to.  She’s planned everything right down to what her nail polish color will be and the type of underwear she’ll wear.

Now, you and I understand that this is also your wedding. However, getting that across to your blushing bride may be a little difficult. This is what you need to do – when she asks you for an opinion on the wedding such as, what flavor the wedding cake should be. Give her your opinion, even if you don’t care. If she sees you’re taking part in the planning, she might ask you for more input. If you just wave your hands in the air and say, “whatever you want will be fine,” she’ll secretly put a sticky reminder note in her brain stating that you just want whatever she wants.

If you don’t agree with her, tell her. Yes, she may cry, but calm her down and tell her why you disagree. Communication is key to a great relationship, why not start now. Good luck!

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