My dad just got hurt while deployed. He is doing okay, but my mom cries a lot. I am staying with my grandma and grandpa while she and dad are at a hospital in a different state. Every time I talk to dad on the phone he is always happy, but mom won’t talk to me. I don’t know why. Do you know why she is acting this way?

—Tough Little 8-Year-Old Boy

Dear Tough Little Boy,

Your mom may be having difficulties adjusting to the new life you and your Family will have now that your Daddy has been hurt. I don’t know exactly the extent of your dad’s injuries, but any type of injury is lifes changing. Your dad has a long road to recovery ahead of him and appears to be adjusting fine to the challenges that lie ahead. Your mom, on the other hand, may take a little time to get used to the challenges. This is where you can help out.

When you see your mommy cry, give her a hug. If she doesn’t want to talk on the phone, ask to be put on speakerphone so at least she can hear you say you love her and miss her. You shouldn’t have to worry about matters like these, but unfortunately, military children are put in these situations and forced to adjust. Just understand that you’re not alone. There is a lot of help available for you and your Family.

For instance, Army Community Service offers a lot of programs to help with your adjustments, to include the Chaplains, Wounded Warrior Program, Military Family Life Consultants, and Hearts Apart Program (which is sort of something you guys can do while your parents are away). You can Skype with each other, send letters and email, call frequently, and even text to your parents as much as possible. For more information, visit

The Army won’t let you or your Family down during this trying time. Make sure your grandparents know about all these programs, as well as your parents. Good luck and here’s to a swift recovery!