Even though cheer is offered through the SKIES Unlimited program at Tolson Youth Activities Center, All American Cheer is Fort Bragg’s very first competitive cheer squad on the installation. Coach, Tiffanie Woods, sees this first competition at Methodist University as a stepping-stone into the program’s future.

“Eventually, I would like to see a gym on post specifically tailored to competitive cheer teams to represent Fort Bragg,” Woods said. “I would love for this team to grow because I feel like military Families want to do this and think it’s not feasible due to their life style. I’m a military brat myself, I married a Soldier — I know how it is. Having a gym here would not only make it convenient for Families, but open up a whole other world for youth competitive sports,” she said.

“I really like being on the team because I like saying all the cheers and doing cartwheels,” said Alyssa Graham, 6.

Kiera Patrick, 4, couldn’t agree more.

“Saying the cheers is my favorite part,” said Patrick with a smile.

Graham predicted that the team would earn a team trophy — and they did. The Fort Bragg All American Cheer won second place in the competition.

Currently, All American Cheer has two teams, a mini team and a junior team with each having a maximum of 10 children on the team. Woods plans to add another coach next year to allow more children to participate. The mini team practices from 4 to 4:45 p.m. at Maholic Child Development Center, while the junior team practices from 5 to 6:30 p.m.

For more information about the cheer program, call 643-6039 or visit them at the Tolson Youth Activities Center off of Reilly Road.