The results of Sustainable Fort Bragg’s inaugural UnbeLEAFable photo contest are in.

The best color photographs were “Longleaf Pine Seedling Under Fire” by Elizabeth Evans and “Dance with Me” by Heather Ocegueda.

• “Sunday in the South” by Elizabeth Mulvihill

• “Blessed” by Brett Stewart

• “Knotty Tree Branch” by Leroy Moser

• “Land of the Pines, Home of the Free” by Christy Blanchard

• “Coat of Many Colors” by Michael W. Freeman

• “Promise of Life” by Christina Clark

• “A-palm-ination” by Jessica Williams

• “I Stand Alone” by Susan Yambao

• “Paradise” by Kimber Quota

• “L’arbre Noir” by Ashley Sloan

• “Hope” by Mayra Barra

• “Resting on an Old Stump” by Leah Pavlic

The winning photographs were selected by a panel of judges comprised of installation leaders, graphic illustrators, artists, editors from the Paraglide and Fort Bragg Arbor Board members.

• Melissa Helmick

• Col. Stephen Sicinski, garrison commander

• Michael Lynch, director of DPTMS

• Brian Allen, graphic illustrator, DFMWR

• Steve Blackmon, graphic illustrator, DFMWR

• Sandy Aubrey, Fort Bragg Paraglide

• Sharilyn Wells, Fort Bragg Paraglide

• Michelle Butzgy, Fort Bragg Paraglide

• Sara Matherly, manager of Frame and Design Arts, DFMWR

• Julia Love, Urban Forester and Fort Bragg Arbor Board member

• SuAnn Medford, wildlife biologist and Fort Bragg Arbor Board member

The public voted for the People’s Choice Award while the 60 entries in this year’s competition were displayed at Throckmorton Library during Arbor Week. “The Pines of La Push” by Connie Linen was the peoples favorite photograph.

“I chose ‘Longleaf Pine Seedling Under Fire’ because it is not only striking in its visual contrast, but it also illustrates why we use prescribed burning as a forest management tool at Fort Bragg,” said Julia Love, contest judge and urban forester. “Longleaf pine thrives in a harsh environment where few other plants can survive.”

“All of the photographs were exceptional yet ‘Dance with Me’ caught my eye,” said Melissa Helmick contest judge. “The impression of the leaves truly dancing and moving won me over. The photograph exuded energy, unity and happiness.”

The top photographers in all categories received a prize package featuring a camera accessory kit and a gift card from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service.

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