High wind gust may have stopped the 82nd Freefall Parachute teams jump, April 26, but that did not stop the Bowley Elementary School celebration of the Month of the Military Child from continuing.

Bowley kicked off its picnic celebration giving military children and their Families the opportunity to enjoy the festivities.

Bowley students were treated to games, puzzles and artwork emphasizing the importance of the military child in the Family. The Month of the Military Child is about recognizing the sacrifices that military child make on a daily basis.

“Today we have our culminating event for Month of the Military Child,” said Andrea Mial, principal.

Although they could not jump, members of the 82nd Freefall Parachute Team showed up at Bowley Elementary in full gear ready to educate students not only on the components necessary to jump, but also some of the training used to make safe and successful parachute jumps.

Family members, as well as children, took full advantage with questions and comments as they participated with the freefall team members’ demonstration.

Jordyn Chandler, 5, is a kindergartner at the school, who enjoyed the festivities with her mother, Ruth Stokes.

“Recognizing military youth is significant because, you don’t have this (recognition) outside the military. She’s (Jordyn’s) been to three different schools and you’ve never had anything like this,” Stokes said.

“We want them (servicemembers) to know that their children mean the utmost to us,” said Mial. “As they’re busy serving our country, we are busy giving their children the very best educational service we have to offer.”