Nothing screams ďIím trying to dig into the publicís walletĒ more than retailers who put out decorations for Christmas in October or early November.

The greatest thing about November is that the leaves are changing colors and I can start thinking about Thanksgiving ó it occurs during the best part of the sports season.

What is not great is the Christmas music and decorations that started popping up before Halloween.

I understand that most of the retail community looks forward to this part of the year to go from being in the red to finally moving into the black. While I appreciate the gentle nudge stores want to give shoppers (I really donít) by reminding us that Christmas is less than two months away, I donít need the music or decorations in October.

Now I admit, Iím usually one of the last ones to get all googly-eyed over the Christmas season. There are some people I know who think the faster Christmas decorations and music are rolled out, the better.

That is okay for them. They are ready for the ginger bread cookies, candy canes and eggnog. Iím not one of those people.

I need a little time to get into the Christmas spirit. Iím not saying people shouldnít be excited because they should. I have children who arenít super young, but I love the way the holiday season brings Families together.

In fact that is my favorite part about the season.

It is not that I donít love the holiday season because I do. This is the time of year that even the busiest schedule slows down for a day.

However, I donít like the way retailers have taken what is supposed to be about giving and spending time together as a way to rake in profit.

This isnít about the individual citizen. If private citizens wants to put out their Christmas decorations in the summer, more power to them. However, for retailers, Nov. 1 is premature in my opinion and feels like anything more than opportunistic.

First, lets get past Thanksgiving (which is my favorite holiday). I know it doesnít bring in piles of money like Christmas, but it is just as important to Families looking forward to time together.

As I recall, there is a bit of build-up to that stores can emphasize.

The holiday season is about time, love, making memories and giving our time to one another. I understand the retail industry has a job to do, but that job doesnít have feel like they are fleecing the public.