The HBO reality series, Hard Knocks has a dirty little secret and Iím ready to spill the beans. In its seventh season, the show has become more of a distraction than an in-depth look inside NFL teams.

The reality series follows a team through training camp, capturing position battles, rookies adjusting to the NFL and coach and player interactions. Like a lot of sports junkies, I follow the show because it feeds my football craving. But the show is missing the point.

Of the seven teams that have been featured on the show, only two have made the playoffs while being featured.

I admit, the show does capture moments that fans may not see without this look inside football training camp, but for the most part the show highlights subpar football programs.

Even though the Carolina Panthers would make a perfect subject for the show, they have repeatedly turned Hard Knocksí producers. Why? Because even though the Pantherís front office hasnít done much to help the team win,† management has the sense to let their work on the field tell their story.

Iím not saying I donít appreciate the colorful personalities of the NFL, because I do. However, I donít want a television series based around poor performing teams who are better known for player antics as opposed to consistent winning.

As a fan of the game, I would never want my team captured in any other way than how they perform on the football field.

Winning consistently says more about the New England Patriots and the New York Giants than any reality series ever could. Those organizations would never consider taking part in the Hard Knocks experience. Teams that win or want to win, donít need gimmicks to bring added attention.

The product on the field and the tradition of winning will always draw the right kind of attention.