FORT POLK, LA- Through a simple yet historic ceremony, the transfer of authority of the 519th Military Police Battalion ultimately to the 16th Military Police Brigade was symbolized by changing of unit patches at Guardian Field, Aug. 17.

“It’s a happy day because it shows the evolution of our Army,” said Brig. Gen. Timothy P. McGuire, commanding general of Fort Polk.

On Nov. 16, 2007, the 1st Combat Support Brigade (Maneuver Enhancement) was re-designated as the 1st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade. The mission was to conduct mobility, protection and stability operations within an assigned area throughout the world. The 519th Military Police Battalion was a major subordinate unit of the brigade.

The 519th MP Bn. deployed on June 12, 2008, in support of the brigade’s 15-month mission to Afghanistan as Task Force Warrior. The mission greatly increased the overall security for the Afghan people. The actions of the 519th MP Bn. and the rest of the 1st Maneuver Enhancement Brigade were in keeping with the Army winning spirit.

“Well done my good, faithful guardians, well done,” said Col. Jesse D. Galvan.  

The 519th MP Bn. was originally designated as the 15th Military Police Battalion in October 1927. The 519th MP Bn. would be called into active federal service at Camp Chaffe, Arkansas in April, 1944. The 519th MP Bn. moved to its current location the “Home of Heroes” at Fort Polk, in August 1992.

The units and capabilities of 519th MP Bn. have made them truly unique to the Army. Within its ranks there is a transportation company and a movement control company aside from two, line-military police companies and one military police detachment. The 519th MP Bn. with these variety of assets provides a multitude of services to Fort Polk and the Joint Readiness Center’s mission and is a welcomed benefit to the 16th MP Bde.

The 16th MP Bde.’s commander, Col. Eugenia Guilmartin envisioned the 519th MP Bn. would fit into the brigade, she said, “The real benefit is not to the 519th (MP Bn.) but to the 16th (MP Bde.), to bring their expertise and their diversity of experience into our Family.”

The 519th MP Bn. has provided professional policing and other services to the JRTC and Fort Polk community. Servicing close to 100,000 Soldiers and civilians on any given day with trained and ready forces to meet any challenge. Making them truly, “One of a Kind!”