The Lt. Dan Band performed at a free concert at the Fort Bragg Fairgrounds Friday. This event was held as part of actor Gary Sinise and his band members’ continued support of Soldiers and local military communities.

“You serve a cause greater than yourselves and when somebody like me comes out with a band to play music for you all, I hope it lets you know how much you mean to us,” said Sinise, actor, director, philanthropist and bass guitarist for the Lt. Dan Band.

As part of the event, the United States Army Special Operations Command Black Daggers jumped into the fairgrounds. The Black Daggers are the official Special Operations Command Parachute Demonstration Team, which conducts live airborne demonstrations in support of the Special Operations community and recruiting.

After singer Jill Charles performed the national anthem, the concert began as Sinise and his band members came out on stage and took their positions. The crowd roared as classics such as Stevie Wonder’s, “Superstition” and The Beatles, “Hey Jude” were performed.

“It’s great music,” said Spc. Benjamin Applebaum, a combat documentation specialist with the Military Information Support Operations Command. “It’s also free and offers Soldiers something different to do.”

“As a Soldier this type of event lets me know that people remember what we do and haven’t forgotten about us,” said Spc. Jimmy Trejo, a visual information equipment operator and maintenance specialist with MISOC.

As the festivities came to a close, Sinise shared kind words with the Soldiers in the audience.

“We have the best military,” he said. “You are the providers of our freedom and we don’t take that for granted.”