In a competitive market, getting to the next level is tough.

In an effort to help selected Soldiers find success, Fort Bragg’s Prime Program helps better equip Soldiers with mental tools necessary to succeed.

The program is a four-week course in which participants meet twice a week to hone mental skills necessary to finding success.

Instructor, Katy Tran Turner, master resilience trainer and performance expert at Comprehensive Soldiers and Family Fitness, teaches Soldiers the tools necessary to be mentally stronger.

“We are looking for those Soldiers who, for whatever reason, are looking for a little bump to help take them get to the next level,” said Turner. “A lot of times we talk about being mentally resilient and we don’t necessarily always have the specific skills to be that. So the program is designed to teach the Soldiers skills and give them a chance to practice them. Then think about how they are using the skills and report back. We want the skills to become second nature to the Soldiers so that they are more natural to them.”

In the program, Soldiers are taught from two different perspectives. The performance side is based on performance and sport psychology. It teaches Soldiers to focus when it matters most, energy management and stress management.

The performance side emphasizes imagery as a way for Soldiers to picture themselves succeeding, to as well as a way to help them not succumb to stress.

“I learned that putting things into perspective helps me by not falling into negative thinking traps,”Sgt. Eleazar Pyscher, who is assigned to  Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade. “I’m better able to focus and get the necessary things completed.”

Resilience skills are also tied into the program as a way to strengthen participant’s ability to succeed. Participants take away skills that they can use not only in the Army, but they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

“I feel like at some point I was lost and this class helped me find myself,” said Sgt. Troy Johnson, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 188th Brigade Support Battalion, 18th Fires Brigade, 82nd Abn. Div. “I went to church the week before this class started to ask God to show me a way. This class has been a blessing to me because I’ve got college together and I’m looking to achieve my next rank.”

The Prime Program participants attend a capstone exercise at the end of the program in which Soldiers should be able to express the terminology as well discuss when to use the techniques learned during the course.

“We want to encourage Soldiers to think of specific examples or instances in their life when they have used the skills or know they will use them,” said Turner. “If they can express it in specifics, there’s more of a chance that it’s going to happen. It helps them establish how important the skills are and how they can be used in real life.”