I donít know what to do about my Family on Facebook. They always seem to comment, and not nicely, on certain things I post on my page. I really donít need them to constantly criticize my choices ó itís my life. I just turned 18 and moved out of the house with my boyfriend. My parents donít seem to have an issue, but apparently everyone else does when I posted happy pictures of our housewarming party. Theyíre not even bad photos! I could have posted the ďlater in the nightĒ photos. How do I tell my Family to love me how I am?

ó†† †Looking for Independence

You and I both know, and Iím sure youíve been told thousands of times, whatever you put online, everyone sees. You are putting your life on show. If you post something, expect comments, both good and bad. You have to remember that the Internet, even with itís privacy settings, is for the publicís eye.

So my suggestion for you? If it bothers you so much, de-friend them. I know, kind of harsh right? But if you really donít want to deal with all their criticism, you have to take harsh measures. I know Facebook allows you to block certain things on your page.

Your Family cares about you though or they wouldnít be posting comments on your photos or posts. They may be giving you some tough love because they want the best for you. Choose wisely, because if you pick the wrong way, you could be left alone. And thatís no way to live life as an adult.