My daughter is about to go to college. She is my favorite daughter. I know she wants a good education, and I want her to have one too. I just would miss her so much, even with letters or e-mail. What can I do?

 Daughter Misser

Dear Misser,

Even though you are going to miss her tremendously, you have to let her go and experience life on her own. You also have to let her make mistakes. How else is she going to learn how to adapt? You can’t be babying her and walking her through every step along the way. Let her grow. Swallow your pride and smile as you wave goodbye. You’ve raised a smart young woman, I mean, hello, she’s going to college! You’ve got a winner, but let her grow and learn about real life. Because face it, when things go wrong and she is just stressing, who is she going to go to? Her mom.

You will always be there for her and she knows that. She knows she can count on you to help her through thick and thin ... and possibly with bail money. No, I kid. But in reality, your relationship with her isn’t going to change, she’s just moving further away.