The oversized massage chair fits perfectly in the corner of a quiet area where soothing sounds of a dark forest join the rush of a waterfall.

Would you believe it’s the relaxation area in the new Soldier and Family Assistance Center?

The SFAC now occupies 15,000 square feet of administrative, child care and multi-purpose space in the new Warrior Transition Battalion Complex off Normandy Drive across from the Soldier Support Center.

The WTB Complex, located on a spacious, 15-acre campus, is comprised of the WTB barracks, parking garage, dining facility (feeding about 400 individuals per meal), command suite and company areas.

The barracks complex contains 130, two-bedroom suites, each with two bathrooms, kitchen and sitting area and an adjacent healing garden.

“It’s a nice building with plenty of room. I like the idea of services being self-contained,” said Staff Sgt. Jon Hawke, a Soldier in the WTB.

“The SFAC is now able to host numerous events such as briefings, trainings and social events and has a fully equipped nourishment center, as well as a stove, refrigerator, ice maker, microwave and coffee maker,” said Martha Brown, SFAC director.

The SFAC entry has three separate waiting areas with comfortable chairs and a sofa to encourage and promote conversation and fellowship.

Spc. Andrew Wilson, a Soldier-in-transition said he enjoys the great atmosphere. “It’s a good place to relax and get away from appointments,” Wilson said. “I look forward to the cold weather so we can fully appreciate the built-in fireplace,” he added.

The WTB Family readiness support assistant and the Veteran’s Administration liaisons for HealthCare have joined the original SFAC staff at the new facility to include Army Career Alumni Program, Education Services, Human Resources, Child Youth and School Services, Outreach, Social Services, Financial Readiness, Army Wounded Warrior Program, battalion chaplain, and a chaplain Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium.

Tabatha Waldon, the spouse of a Soldier in transition currently in processing with the WTB, said that the information given to her husband by the SFAC has been very beneficial.

“The SFAC has been very helpful, very welcoming to me, my husband and my four children,” she said.