If you listen closely, you just might hear it. That sound you hear is a hockey season thatís come off the tracks and is hurling towards the playoffs that no one knows about.

Granted, hockey players and owners did themselves no favors by having the extended lockout. Before the lockout the sport was on an upward trajectory in fan growth. It will be interesting to see what the playoffs will yield for this sport, but all of that is another story. Iím excited that the season is running at full steam again. These are my top five teams who have a shot at hoisting the Stanley Cup.

5. Minnesota Wild

4. Montreal Canadians

3. Boston Bruins

2. Chicago Blackhawks

1. Pittsburgh Penguins

Playoffs are right around the corner and itís time to buckle up and watch the war on ice unfold. One excited fan too many, I look forward to thrills as the playoffs unfold.