Biking 300 miles nonstop is a challenge. Throw in the fact that the cycling event was to bring awareness to Wounded Warrior Project and Chief Warrant Officer 3 Shannon Tyus of Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, 82nd Airborne Division knew he had to be a part of it.

“We process a lot of guys who were badly injured in Afghanistan,” said Tyus. “These were Soldiers who were missing legs, arms and in some cases much worse. It kind of touches you that you want to do something for wounded Soldiers.”

Tyus took on this challenge to not only continue to raise awareness about the Wounded Warrior Project, he also wanted to support and continue the tradition that his friend Col. Jack Usrey, U.S. Army War College fellow, III, Corps, G1 started.

Usrey, who had a double knee replacement, started a 100-mile walk in 2009 and progressed to a 300-mile bike ride by 2012.

Forty-two hours of riding on a 30-mile course in Belton, Texas with stops only to eat, check tires and rehydrate,Usrey, his son Garrett and Tyus raised $4900.

During the ride, the bikers burned 17,000 calories in just under 44 hours of cycling.

“When I think about the Soldiers who have given so much for this country, it’s pretty easy for me to go out, spend some sweat to make sure they aren’t forgotten,” said Usrey.

“This is not about us,” said Tyus. “By us being out here doing this is really about bringing attention to the Wounded Warrior Project. Going forward, the injuries the Soldiers have endured and continue to carry on through will long outlast what we do here.”