Baseball is back and itís time to open the doors and take a hard (honest) look. As I do every year, and this year will be no different, these are my top five teams in my power ranking.

5. Cincinnati Reds

The rotation is full of inconsistent pitchers, but this team has the talent to go far this year. Do I think everything will fall into place? I donít know, but Iím betting on the Reds making some serious noise this year.

4. Atlanta Braves

3. Detroit Tigers

The bullpen is a little shaky, but the rest of the roster is solid.

2. San Francisco Giants

The defending World Series champions will be around the top of the standings throughout the year, especially once Buster Posey gets himself going. A team this talented has everything it needs to repeat their achievements, but being the hunted is very different from being the hunter.

1. Washington Nationals

The offense is hit or miss, but as long as the pitching staff stays healthy, this will be one of the top teams in baseball.

Itís in the books. I expect this year to be a wild ride up to the playoffs. But on a side note, I get the feeling there is going to be movement on Yankeeís third basemen, Alex Rodriguez. He has lost his luster in New York and currently sits on a 60-day disabled list. If Rodriguez doesnít get offloaded by the Yankees this season, it wonít be for a lack of trying. Donít expect to see him retire as a Yankee.