My husband is deploying in less than two months or so and will be given a short block leave. His mother wants him (and the Family) to fly across the country for the whole time Ö not to mention, she will be flying here when itís time for them to deploy. I understand wanting to be with your child before he leaves, but I cannot handle (let alone afford) her that long! Flying four of us to California is going to be over $2000 and letís face it, we arenít made of money. If sheís dead set on flying here for his departure, then I donít see the point of flying the whole Family to Cali. What do we do?

Momma (in-law) Drama

Dear Drama,

With that being said, she also has to respect that her son is also a husband and father. Block leave is to visit and hang out with Family before he leaves for a long period of time. Yes, that includes the extended Family as well as the nuclear Family but when it comes to deployment, I personally think it is of utmost importance for the kids to spend time with daddy. If you all go home to visit mom, will the kids really get to spend the quality time they need with daddy? How about you? I mean, youíll have a babysitter, but you may not get the quiet time you need as a couple.

In my opinion, since sheís planning on coming down for his departure, why not have her come a few days early to spend with her son. OR go across country and then say that the week or so before he leaves is just for you and the kids, no added stress is needed.