Providers, as I close out this chapter of our history, let me just say, job well done. The past 41 months as your brigade command sergeant major has been extremely rewarding and beneficial in making me a better leader. I want to thank the entire Provider, battalion command teams. Thank you for the long hours and belief that we could exceed standards and produce one voice, one strength and one vision.

Brigade staff, you are absolutely the cornerstone of success. Your unyielding support, selfless service, and commitment to excellence was unparalleled and I always trust you to do the hard analysis and make the tough decisions when making the right recommendation to the commander.

We still have Providers deployed around the world supporting liberty, democracy, and the vision that one day, all people will have a chance at hope, a chance to succeed and their children will have a brighter future tomorrow.

Through the years of witnessing deployments and redeployments, this process never got any easier for our leadership and the Family who had to watch our Soldiers leave. Thank you for a job well done!

We have had numerous distinguished honor graduates, commandantís list graduates, leadership awardees, and a host of other, positive recognitions for our Soldiers over the past three and a half years. I want to tell you all that I am proud of you and the legacy that you built.

Americaís global response force sustainment brigade has excelled to new heights and exceeded the standard in providing first class support. You consistently led from the front in numerous support capacities and roles in joint operational access exercises, Hurricane Sandy, Haiti earthquake crisis, Joint Readiness Training Center, National Training Center, and field training exercises. Thank you for a job well done!

To the Families I say thanks for your support, patience, and input. Your resiliency is what kept the Provider team moving in the same direction when times got tough and when unannounced or unplanned, real world support was required.† Words can never equate to the importance of your selfless service and strength.

As the Provider team embarks on a new chapter it will be you who they will depend on for patience and support.

Team, it is the strength of our Families, civilians, and Soldiers that keep us on the leading edge of victory. Thank you for a job well done!

As this tour of duty ends and my shadow fades, as I walk off the parade field, you will always be my brightest moment and the things you taught me will never be forgotten. I can never reproduce your efforts and goals in making the nations 911 team, ready anytime, anywhere. Thank you for a job well done!

Provider 9/U.S. Backbone signing off the net!