If all the American holidays were to come together and compete in a tournament narrowing the field until the last holiday standing was deemed the greatest holiday, Thanksgiving would win hands down in my book.

Christmas has Santa, Easter has a bunny and Halloween you get to dress up in the name of collecting candy. All great things and itís really hard to debate those benefits, but I can.

Itís great that the gathering of Family and friends is one of the highlights of Thanksgiving, but it gets better, thereís football too, but thatís not the grand prize. The foods that weíve thought about and mentally savored since last Thanksgiving becomes a reality and an added bonus. Thanksgiving is all about thanks and giving.

As adults, in this crazy, busy world, I think it sometimes becomes easy to forget all the things we have to be thankful for in life (Iím just as guilty everyone else).† The older I get, the more I forget to take my own advice and smell the roses. Life is short and no other holiday reminds me to take inventory of just how great life is.

I think the whole giving idea is misunderstood and it may be me who has it all wrong, but how great is it that during Thanksgiving, the main thing that we give during it is time. Thanksgiving unlike other holidays that I wonít mention is a freebie for calling dibs on all of your Families time.

My mother is the busiest woman on the planet and getting her to take time off or just slow down even for Thanksgiving takes an act of Congress. Thanksgiving is that magical holiday that puts a majority of my Family in the same room for at least a day.

This year is like every other year. I have called dibs on my motherís time and most of my relatives. I look forward to every part of the day (even the awkward moments). Coming together to share a meal, but more importantly to share our time together is so special. I love seeing the younger generations of my Family to not only hear how theyíre doing, but what they are doing. Some of the best pep talks about life have come at Thanksgiving from relatives who wanted to see me succeed.

Thanksgiving is the Superbowl of all holidays. The day brings Families together, like no other day, to give thanks and to give of your time. In a world that is constantly on the go, itís nice to have a day to hold us captive even just for a little while.