Like any great hitter in baseball, Iím calling my shot. Major League Baseball playoffs are here and itís time to get serious. This is my power ranking for the top playoff bound teams.

1. Boston Red Sox

Yankee fans are not going to like this, but what are they going to do about. The Red Sox are on top and for good reason. This team is on course to finish in first place in runs on base and slugging percentage and second place in batting average. Putting points on the board makes things much easier for a defense.

2. Atlanta Braves

The Braves have an opportunity to clinch the NL East. They need to rediscover their offense, which went missing somewhere between New York and Philly earlier this month. The loss of Jason Heyward has been rough, but the good news is he should be back before the playoffs begin. Since the Braves enjoy such a large lead going into the playoffs, they can now rest their starting pitcher. Dare I say the tomahawk chop might be back?

3. L.A. Dodgers

When the Dodgers went out and spent money to bring in talent, I thought that it might take a year, at least, before this team came together to compete. Well, I was wrong. The Dodgers arenít statistically dominant in any one category, but they are good in everything.

4. Oakland Athletics

The Aís are poised to make a run. Iím not saying this team has all the pieces to make it happen, but the Aís are a gutsy ball club. There arenít a lot stars on this ball club, which isnít a bad thing. Itís nice to have superstar talent, but itís also nice to just come out and play ball as a team. Thatís what the Aís do. This team wonít wow anyone with gaudy stats or lots of glamorous plays. But no team should take the Aís lightly or they might find themselves watching the Aís at home on TV.

5. Detroit Tigers

You arenít dreaming.† The Tigers are that good. They have a chance to bring the championship home. Iím not one to jump on the bandwagon, but stats donít lie. The Tigers are ranked first in batting and second in runs, on base and slugging percent. If you add to that a pitching staff that is ranked ninth in earned run average, the Tigers are a very scary team. This team is set to make some noise in the playoffs. Lack of playoff experience is a concern, but thereís no denying this team has talent.

Baseball playoffs are fun to predict. Now itís time for the teams to take to the field and settle all the questions of who is this yearís best team.