Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson, left,

XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg commanding general, presented certificates of appreciation to Fayetteville Technical Community College’s Basic Skills Education Program staff members Sybil Sasaki, BSEP coordinator; Robin McCarty, math instructor; Lydia Smith, English instructor; David Guzman, math instructor; and Risa Cheney, math and English substitute instructor, Friday, at the Bragg Training and Education Center.

The staff developed lesson plans and provided instruction that enabled nearly 2,000 Soldiers to raise their math and English skills by an average of 16 points, the highest average increase in the Army, on the general technical portion of their Armed Forces Classification re-test.

“Education is important to all of us. “You are exceeding Army standards and running a phenomenal program,” said Anderson who encouraged the staff to keep up the good work and continue to help Soldiers improve their scores.

BSEP promotes retention, increases re-enlistment options and improves job performance. BSEP is a refresher course in math and English, and many Soldiers take it to help them raise their GT scores when retesting on the Armed Forces Classification Test..