When some Army spouses were gasping for breath at this year’s “Soldier for a Day,” June 14, Emily Damboise was doing something far different.

“I’m asking for more (exercise),” said Damboise, wife of Chief Warrant Officer 2 Dan Damboise, who is assigned to the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, Headquarters and Headquarters Company.

At morning physical training, Damboise seemed to enjoy the scissor kicks and push ups.

She said it gave her a glimpse of her husband’s daily life.

“It’s great to get a feeling of what it’s like to be on their side,” she said.

Soldier for a Day, is coordinated by Army Community Service to give spouses access to some of the daily activities that Soldiers encounter.

It is billed as a day to get dirty and sweaty and it’s definitely not a day for the physically shy.

Typically a back-to-back, two-day Military Spouse Day Conference that exposes spouses to crafts on day one and to physical training on day two. This year’s conference had to be further divided into two months.

Originally planned for early May, renovations to the jump tower dictated that the spouses visit Fort Bragg on May 10 for crafts and return, June 14 for PT, the obstacle course and engagement skills training.

Nearly 40 women were divided into six platoons for those activities, said Cathy Mansfield, volunteer coordinator, ACS.

“I think it’s honorable that he does it (serves), and he’s a good Soldier,” said the Michigan native. “This helps me appreciate when he comes home after a rough day.”

Kendra Stewart said she wanted to return to the conference this year after having participated last year.

For more information about other ACS activities on the installation, visit www.fortbraggmwr.com/acs.