Subject matter experts from Womack Army Medical Center hosted a quarterly virtual town hall meeting on the Fort Bragg Facebook page Wednesday.

The meeting addressed a variety of patient concerns, including difficulties in scheduling appointments, access to care during weekend and evening hours, and referrals.

Col. (Dr.) Kenneth Batts, chief, WAMC Department of Family Medicine said that the meetings are a great way to directly communicate with beneficiaries and hear about any problems they may be experiencing.

“I’ve attended all three of the town halls and they’re a great forum for beneficiaries to voice their concerns,” he said. “The issues posted have helped us know where to focus our efforts and help provide the best medical care possible.”

Batts added that feedback received in previous town hall meetings allowed WAMC to see the need for weekend clinic hours. Because of participants’ comments, WAMC now offers a consolidated clinic on Saturday mornings.

The majority of concerns focused on the ability to get timely appointments. To help ease the appointment process, beneficiaries are encouraged to use the TRICARE Online appointment service and also register with their clinic to use Relay Health, which provides patients the ability to directly communicate with their heath care team.

To help further improve access to care, WAMC is actively recruiting and hiring new providers.

To view all of the questions and answers posted during the meeting, visit the Fort Bragg Facebook page at The meeting can be found under the events tab on the page.