Fort Bragg offers numerous training opportunities for Marines. A detachment of three CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters and crews with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 366 took advantage of that March 10 to 15, when the squadron conducted joint training with the Army’s 18th Fires Brigade, an artillery unit armed with M777 howitzers.

During the training, MHHS 366 conducted external lifts and aerial insertions of the howitzers, bolstering the Soldiers’ speed, maneuverability and lethality. Both services adapted to each other’s techniques, tactics and procedures, increasing cohesion and interoperability among the services.

“It was a huge learning experience,” said Capt. Shawn J. Piner, a pilot with HMH-366. “I never get to plan face-to-face with a gun unit. In aviation, we usually see things from our perspective, but it’s when we get to talk to the units we’re supporting that we can see what they’re seeing,” he said.