Department of Defense has required installations to provide mass warning and notification to the community, within 10 minutes of identifying a hazard or emergency. The system must use real-time information and instructions to people in buildings, areas, sites, or the installation as a whole.

Intelligible voice communications (pre-recorded tones and live voice emergency messaging), tones, visible signals, text, and graphics are used to disseminate alerts.

Fort Bragg is currently using several different methods of mass warning and notification systems for the community:

Wide Area Mass Notification System (Giant Voice):

Consists of wireless speaker systems that are geographically located throughout the installation and is used for outdoor notifications via alert tones and voice messaging.

Currently, there are 23 GV poles on Fort Bragg, three on Pope Field, and three on Camp Mackall for a total of 29 on the installation.

Three Giant Voice towers will be installed at Linden Oaks and two at Patriot Point with a completion date tentatively scheduled for Dec. 15. GV is tested twice a month on the last Wednesday and last Friday.  On the last Wednesdays, each tower is tested for serviceability using the Westminster chime.  The last Friday, at noon, a steady tone is sounded for about two and a half minutes.

Currently the installation uses two tones for alerts/testing; Westminster chime which is used for heat categories, all clear signal, and when testing each pole and a steady tone which is used to alert the community of emergencies (upon hearing this tone refer to media for further instructions).

Individual Building Mass Notification System

using tones, pre-recorded messages, public address system and visual alert capabilities for the interior of certain buildings on the installation.  These systems are not in all buildings, but must be included in all new construction and major renovations.

AM Alert Flashing Signs

are primarily used for vehicular traffic that alert drivers to tune to AM1700, for information, when flashing.

AM Alert Radio Station

is located at AM 1700 and continuously broadcasts the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration weather radio all hazards. Additional capabilities include emergency warnings via pre-recorded announcements and voice alerting.

Commander’s Channel

,  Channel 7, has the capability of informing installation personnel of emergency situations and actions to be taken during emergency situations

Message Boards/ Safety boards

are geographically located throughout the installation.  Message boards are used to inform installation personnel of emergency and hazardous conditions.

Various social media

such as Fort Bragg’s Facebook, Twitter, and webpage.

Fort Bragg is currently reviewing the Giant Voice alert tones and messaging to determine the effectiveness of the system and identify methods to improve the notification procedures.

If you would like to assist in the development of these strategies, please take the time to complete the survey located at