For more than 11 plus years, our commitments to the Global War on Terror placed enormous demands upon our Soldiers, Airmen, Army Civilians and our Families. Current world events reflect sustained demands for the near future. As leaders, we’re responsible to recognize and account for the impacts of persistent conflict. The diverse array of personal stressors brought on by deployments, combined with risk of life-altering physical or emotional wounds, affects the health, morale and welfare of our Soldiers, Airmen, Army Civilians and our Families, and ultimately our personal, unit and our Army’s readiness.

As leaders, we will invest ourselves in the attributes of programs designed to assist our Soldiers/Airmen and Family members. Our “Ready, Resilient and Army Strong Campaign” is the Army’s strategic effort to provide holistic care to Soldiers, Families and Army Civilians while deployed and on the homefront. Given Fort Bragg’s close teamwork with the proud Pope Airmen — our programs will integrate their needs as well.

A key first step to meeting our needs is to educate our leaders on all available resources and how to access them. Our responsibility to provide for the needs of those who Serve demands inspired leadership. Engaged, caring and informed leaders are our most powerful asset in mitigating the risk to our Force. Our servicemembers remain our greatest resource and integral to our mission success. As leaders – from Corporal to General, we will provide the inspiring leadership to assess, engage, and provide for their sustained resilience and readiness.

Fort Bragg’s Soldiers, Airmen, Army Civilians and Families are justifiably proud of who they are and what they accomplish each and every day. When they face personal issues, our leaders must proactively engage to identify risk factors, understand the resources available, quickly access and apply those resources and remain engaged through successful resolution. The U.S. Army will remain the Nation’s premier fighting force because our leaders earn the trust of their Soldiers daily, and lead them to sustain personal and unit resilience and readiness. Providing Soldiers, Airmen, Army Civilians and their Families with responsive solutions to rapidly address issues as they arise will sustain our readiness to meet the Nation’s demands, as we have throughout our Nation’s history.

Our success is leader-centric:

Know your Soldiers, Airmen, Army Civilians and Families and the personal circumstances affecting their mental, physical, spiritual, social and Family well-being

Know the resources available on and off Fort Bragg … and educate our leaders and Soldiers Responsively provide our Soldiers, Airmen, Army Civilians and their Families with the resources to meet their needs Stay engaged to ensure we achieve a ready and resilient posture Over the coming weeks, our leaders will highlight key components of our Ready, Resilient and Army Strong campaign. We’ll highlight each pillar and discuss the programs and available resources throughout the local community. As we enter the New Year, let’s commit ourselves to improve our resilience and readiness.

Ready, Resilient and Army Strong Campaign areas

• Strong Bonds

• Suicide Prevention

• Equal Opportunity

• Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness

• Strategic Communications

• Behavioral Health

• Integrated Disability Evaluation System

• Sponsorship

• Transition

• Substance Abuse

• Risk Reduction

• Domestic Violence