In their first showing of the season, the Geek Squad volleyball team rallied to beat Sons of Samoa. After dropping the first game, Geek Squad found their rhythm winning two out of the last three games.

“This was our first match, so we started off kind of slow,” said John Suh, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division.

Even though Sons of Samoa team was down two players (playing with only four of six players allowed), they pushed Geek Squad, winning the first game 25-18. Sons of Samoa dominated the net earning a combined 10 points for blocks and spikes.

Geek Squad finally found their stride midway through the second game. Down by 5 points Erik Griffith, 9th Military Information Support Operations Battalion, served an ace into the center of Son of Samoa’s defense.

Behind strong front line play and experience, Geek Squad climb out of the early hole in the second game and won close 25-22.

“In this game, I really just wanted to make sure we played well,” said Suh. “I was using this game so I could watch my players. I wanted to see what we were good at as well as understand what we needed to work on.”

Sons of Samoa players were pleased with the team’s effort, but felt they let a game they should’ve won slip away from them.

“We played well and gave it all we had,” said Michael Summers, 528th Sustainment Brigade, Special Operations. “I think we were impressive and just have to look for ways to improve.”

Summers feasted at the net, blocking eight shots and spiking home five scores. While the Sons of Samoa struggled with holes in their defense, the team thrived on offense using the smaller number of players to their advantage.

“We did a lot of good things out here,” said Will Lincoln 528th Sustainment Bde., Special Operations. “We took advantage when we could.”

While neither team dominated the other, both teams move forward with an idea of what can be improved.