This week’s ‘Lightning’ Brigade Soldier of the Week is Staff Sgt. Derek Martinson, an intelligence analyst with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 525th Military Intelligence Brigade.

Martinson has been in the Army for 13 years and has been stationed at Fort Bragg and assigned to the ‘Lightning’ Brigade since 2014.

He is being recognized as this week’s Lightning Soldier of the Week not only for being the epitome of “a backbone” for his section, but he is also essential to the success of 525th MI Bde, and XVIII Airborne Corps.

Martinson’s recent accomplishments include lateral coordination leading to subordinate unit, 519th’s completed information and physical security requirements in support of Camp Bullis, Texas certifying exercise. He performs these duties secondary only to the mentorship and welfare of two Soldiers. Martinson brings energy to any project or task and ensures his section shines with success. He is a “Lightning Soldier.”

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I like to go hiking and camping with my Family. I'm also very interested in American history and politics. I like to take every opportunity I can to visit historical sites in areas with my wife and children to learn about the tumultuous times this country has been through. Most recently, I visited King’s Mountain National Military Park in South Carolina where a decisive battle was fought and won by the Americans in 1780 during the Revolutionary War.

Q: What are your long-term goals?

A: I'm currently working on finishing my degrees in operational intelligence and political science.

Q: Why did you join the Army?

A: I enlisted in the military in August 2003. Even though military service is sort of a Family tradition, I felt it was my duty to serve in the Army of the greatest nation on Earth.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a Soldier?

A: Helping to train and lead our younger Soldiers who will no doubt become our nation’s next great leaders and the immediate sense of belonging and pride no matter where I'm stationed or what unit I’m assigned to.

Q: Why did you choose your MOS (military occupational specialty)?

A: I was never someone who was content with one piece of a puzzle. As an intelligence analyst, I receive many puzzle pieces from all intelligence disciplines to complete the operational picture and present products directly to combat commanders.

Q: What is your favorite part about living and working on Fort Bragg?

A: I love the climate of this area. One weekend I can go to the beach and bask in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the next weekend I can enjoy the cooler, crisp air of the Smokey Mountains.

Q: What is your favorite part about the 525th MI Bde.?

A: I have really enjoyed the fast pace of operations transitioning from a battlefield surveillance brigade to the Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade.