features a new tool that lets beneficiaries calculate how much they can save by switching their prescriptions from a retail pharmacy to TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery. Visit to use the calculator and see the savings.

The Pharmacy Calculator lets beneficiaries enter the number of brand name and generic medications they are currently filling at a retail pharmacy and see right away how much money they can save moving those medications to Home Delivery. A 30-day supply of medication at a retail pharmacy has a co-payment of $17. Prescriptions through Home Delivery can be filled for up to 90-days at a cost of $13. In many cases, beneficiaries can save themselves hundreds of dollars every year on their prescription co-pays.

Home delivery works for maintenance medications, which are those taken regularly for a chronic condition over a long period of time. Many beneficiaries have to take several different maintenance medications to treat their health conditions, multiplying their savings from making the switch.

Switching to the convenience of Home Delivery is easy, and beneficiaries can sign up through e-prescribing from their doctor, or by calling, mailing or having their doctor fax their prescription to Express Scripts, the TRICARE pharmacy contractor. Call 877-363-1303 or visit to get started today.