The NFL season is coming to an end with the biggest game of the year and yet all I want to do is sing slow sad, songs and cry.

This time of year is bittersweet. Iím thrilled to watch the pinnacle of the NFL season with the two best teams facing off in the Super Bowl, but itís a reminder that I have over 200 days to wait for my next NFL action.

To alleviate some of the suffering that takes place during the offseason, Iíve composed a list of things that diehards, as well† as casual football fans, need to see. Surviving the off season is all about getting as much as you can during the Super Bowl. Here is my list of five things to watch for during the last NFL game of season.

5. Omahas

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has used the signal call so much this year that the business community in Omaha, Neb. NE has decided to donate money to Manningís charity every time he uses the term. If watching Manningís mastery on the field isnít enough, knowing that every time he yells, ďOmaha,Ē he is earning money for a good cause.

4. Halftime

Usually this is a time to grab another beverage or football snack, but this year Iím not dreading the performers. If reaching a broad audience was the goal, the Super Bowl committee nailed it by selecting Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. No, itís not Prince or Aerosmith, but Bruno is at the peak of his career and Peppers are legends.

3. The environment

Remember the big game isnít being played in Sunny California or in a dome. This year the big game is in New Jersey. Just case you werenít aware, itís cold. The environment could be just as big of a factor as the players.

2.Richard Sherman

During the National Football Conference championship game, Seattle Seahawks corner Sherman was accused of being a thug and classless after he proclaimed himself the best corner in the NFL along with disparaging remarks about 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree during an interview with ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews. Now that the dust has settled, the cameras will capture every Sherman moment. This is going to be one of the hot stories during the game

1. Commercials†

No other time during the year will anyone ever recommend watching commercials. The Super Bowl is when every company brings the best. So much so that there are previews to the commercials expected to do well during the game. Iím not a gambler, but from what Iíve read thus far, the beer companies are going to try to bring it ó as usual.

Even though this game wonít be enough to carry fans until next year, take away as much as you can. Hold on tight because it is a long off season.