Frequent moves and Family separations through deployments and then the reintegration issues that follow can make life difficult — especially for children.

Troopers of the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade and their Families are very familiar with these challenges and feelings.

As a tribute to the children of the 82nd CAB and their sacrifice, the 3rd Battalion, 82nd General Support Aviation Battalion, held an awards ceremony, April 30, to celebrate the kids and the Month of the Military Child.

In 1986, Secretary of Defense Caspar W. Weinberger designated April as The Month of the Military Child. It was created to recognize the contributions that the military child makes as their parent or parents serve the nation.

“With all the nation has been going through with all the deployments, our kids have taken so much of the brunt of that not always having their mother or father figures around,” said Lt. Col. William Braman, 3rd Battalion, 82nd CAB, GSAB commander. “This is really a great opportunity to say “thank you” to those kids who have endured way more of their share of the burden.”

Every child needs to know the vital role that he or she plays within their Family, especially when one or more of the parents have to spend time away to fulfill a duty.

“I think that it is so important to recognize them for the sacrifice they make; they miss out on time spent with their parent because of late hours and preparation for deployments.” said Capt. Amanda Mayben, Headquarters Company commander, 3rd Battalion, 82nd CAB.

The children were presented with a coin and the Military Bold, Resilient, Responsible, Adaptable and Tolerant Award recognizing their resilience and ability to deal with life changing events.

“The war is not over yet and we are going to ask even more of our Families and kids in the future,” Braman said. “We as Soldiers understand what we signed up for, but our kids and Families have to figure it all out. We just can’t thank them enough for all they do.”