The 8th Military Information Support Battalion welcomed its new commander in a change of command ceremony, May 23. The ceremony, conducted on Meadows Field at the U.S. Army Special Operations Command headquarters, signified the transfer of authority and command between Lt. Col. Victor G. Garcia and Lt. Col. Brendan J. Arcuri.

Arcuri was selected above his peers to lead 8th MISB. He has been charged with a command that encompasses assets and efforts spanning three continents, more than 20 countries, and over 300 Soldiers.

“We are thankful that Brendan was selected to take this unit. The Army could not have chosen a better leader to assume command of 8th Battalion. His service and experience in the Army and special operations has positioned him to understand and appreciate the depth and breadth of responsibilities of this combat focused unit,” said Col. Reginald J. Bostick, 4th MISB Group commander.

Arcuri has been in the psychological operations branch since 2001, following a career as an armor officer. Arcuri has served in many capacities within the Military Information Support Operations community including PSYOP detachment commander, military information support team officer in charge – U.S. Embassy, Kabul, Afghanistan, battalion executive officer, and chief of MISO for USASOC – Pacific, Camp Smith, Hawaii.

Garcia took command of the 8th MISB in May of 2011. At that time he was charged with the responsibility of commanding a unit responsible for all military information support operations in the United States Central Command area of responsibility. Shortly after taking command, Garcia deployed to Qatar as the Joint Information Support Task Force commander, simultaneously commanding the 8th MISB, responsible for the contingent of Soldiers forward deployed to multiple embassy teams in theater and those stationed at Fort Bragg.

While at the JISTF, Garcia supported the Special Operations Command Central commander, the 4th Military Information Support Group, and the Military Information Support Command as the MISO executive agent for CENTCOM and the subject matter expert concerning all military information support operations and partner nation efforts within Southwest Asia.

Bostick’s closing remarks demonstrated the relentless efforts of Garcia and the total confidence in Arcuri’s leadership.