The Master Sgt. Thomas D. Maholic Child Development Center Dedication Ceremony took place June 5 on Fort Bragg. Maholic was posthumously awarded the Silver Star for his valorous actions on June 24, 2006, actions which lead to Master Sgt. Maholic giving his life in Afghanistan while saving the lives of others.

Family and friends of the Maholics, as well as members of the Special Forces and Fort Bragg communities attended.

The Child Development Center took approximately 3 ½ years to complete and is now available for patronage.

However, this CDC is a multi-functional CDC,” said Mary Brooks, Child Administrator  at the Maholic CDC. “We are able to offer instructional programs like karate, music, art, and those kinds of things. We also foster FRG (Family Readiness Group) meetings with rooms for hourly care, as well as hosting our home-schoolers and giving them a place to grow. So, it’s really a multi-functional building.”

Many of the programs have already begun at Maholic CDC; and on Monday, the summer programs launch. When asked what Maholic would have thought about the ceremony, Wendy said, “He would be extremely proud and would say something like what my son said, and that it’s about the memories. You know, everything gets more and more modern, and things expand, but memories remain the same, and I think that’s true.

“The way Tom would see this is that it is an excellent facility, to provide memories for kids.”

The Maholic Child Development Center is located at B-7125 Sicily Drive. For registration, contact Fort Bragg’s Child, Youth, and School Services at 396-8110/5128.