In professional wrestling, not one match is decided in the ring. All the fans know it and yet somehow, the World Wrestling Entertainment remains one of the most profitable enterprises.

That is genius.

Originally, I was prepared to rip holes in the wrestling industry for making a mockery of athletics. I was going to expose the wrestlers who are crowned champions as nothing more than performers.

Even though I get the appeal of wrestling, I donít understand how the sport has fans in my age range. I donít understand it. Recently, I heard a radio interview with John Cena, the current wrestling champion. The radio announcer touted all of Cenaís accomplishments as well as praised Cena for being a nine-time champion.

As a performer I think Cenaís accomplishments are great. I loved watching The Rock because he entertained me. But the realist in me knows deep down inside places I donít want to talk about, that Cena and The Rock were made champions in a boardroom.

As a child, I was an avid watcher. I had wrestlers I loved and hated. It didnít matter to me that everything happening inside the ring was a diversion from the truth. Itís not like wresting goes out of its way to hide that the whole thing is a performance.

The bad acting and the corny performances are as much a part of wrestling as it is to Duck Dynasty (yeah I said it.) We enjoy watching it and more than that, we love pretending that itís real.

I followed every storyline. I bought the magazines and I even watched the cartoon. Whenever these larger-than-life characters came to my town, I would beg my grandfather to let me be a part of the story. I wanted to share in the rush that every fan feels when the entrance music played for our favorite wrestlers to enter the ring.

After a trip down memory lane and talking to friends who are my age, I understand that wrestling is an escape. Just like going to a Renaissance faire is suppose to take us back to medieval times, wrestling takes us to a place in we can act like children. There are good guys pitted against the bad ones. There are betrayals and love stories.

I may not watch wrestling anymore, but I have a healthy respect the foundation the WWE has laid. I canít knock them for sticking with a formula that works. If the fans donít mind a championship being decided in the four corners of a boardroom, who am I to dispute it?