Like Babe Ruth in the fifth inning of the 1932 World Series I’m calling my shot. Well, sort of anyways. This is my Thanksgiving gift to all football fans. Here are my game predictions with explanations.

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions

What would’ve been a high-powered shootout is nothing more than a glorified Lions bye week. Unless Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers comes back from injury this will be a drubbing. I like Green Bay’s revitalized rushing attack led by Eddie Lacey, but it is not enough. The only way the Packers are going to beat the Lions is to outscore them.  That is not happening with Scott Tolzien the third string quarterback. Unless a complete meltdown happens expect a rout.

Prediction: Lions 32, Packers 24

Oakland Raiders at

Dallas Cowboys

This match up doesn’t feature the Da’ Raiders of old or the Dallas Cowboys’ Doomsday Defense. This is a game of which team decides to show up. The Raiders have been and continue to rebuild. They are moving in the right direction as this team has shocked some people. The Cowboys have beaten the teams they were supposed to and been embarrassed by teams they were supposed to challenge. They are the biggest mystery of the season. Even though the Raiders are moving in the right direction, this maybe to much to ask in big D.

Prediction: Cowboys 28 Raiders 17.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens

Do you remember when the Steelers would come into any team’s home and run the ball down their throats? Here’s one for you: the Steelers have the 30th- ranked rushing offense. You read it right. Not only can they not run the ball, they are 26th in rushing defense. Not that it matters, the Ravens certainly haven’t imposed their will on any teams this year with the 27th-ranked rushing attack. Two teams who’ve been perennial powers find themselves desperate for wins just to make the playoffs. Who wins comes down to which quarterback doesn’t make the biggest mistake. With a total of 20 turnovers, Flacco takes the prize.

Prediction: Steelers 33, Ravens 30.

Those are my picks and that’s how I see it playing out. I could be wrong, but I’m letting it ride.

Enjoy time with Family and friends. Remember to be safe. Happy Thanksgiving.