The 321st Regiment has a long and proud history. To honor that history, 1st Battalion, 321st Airborne Field Artillery Regiment ceremonially appointed two men who once fought bravely in their ranks during a ceremony at Hoskins Gym, Dec. 17.

The 1st Bn., 321 AFAR, 2nd Bn., 321 AFAR, and 3rd Bn., 321 AFAR held a celebration of the 321st Regiment’s history by conducting a regimental run and hosting a ceremonial appointment of an honorary colonel and command sergeant major.

The day started with a Regimental formation on Stang Field in front of the 82nd Airborne Museum on Ardennes Street. Lt. Col. Kareem Montague, commander of 1st Bn., 321 AFAR, Lt. Col. Jason Jones, commander of 2nd Bn., 321st AFAR, and Lt. Col. Joseph O’Callaghan of 3rd Bn., 321st AFAR led the regiment in a run and returned to the museum to address the troops and share some of the history of the 321st FAR.

Later, the ceremonial appointment of an honorary colonel and command sergeant major of the regiment began. There was a passing of the regimental colors ceremony commemorating the honorary appointments of retired Col. William Malouche and retired Command Sgt. Maj. Antonio Guerrero.

Montague gave a speech about the importance of knowing the lineage of the unit. He also emphasized the need to learn from past leaders, and to listen to their stories of what they went through to gain insight into the history of the Army.

Retired Col. William Malouche took the podium and gave his gratitude of his honorary appointment. He had a long career as an airborne artilleryman, beginning in 1951 when he commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant into the Field Artillery. Malouche deployed as the Battalion Commander of the 1-321st during its deployment to Vietnam in December 1967. In the battalion’s six months in Vietnam they fired over 175,000 rounds, more than the three other division artillery battalions combined.

Following the colonel, retired Command Sgt. Maj. Antonio Guerrero served as the Command Sergeant Major for 2-321st AFAR during Vietnam from 1970 to 1972. Also a career paratrooper, Guerrero made two combat jumps into Korea: Sukchon in 1950 and Munsan-ni in 1951. Guerrero urged the Paratroopers in attendance to remember one word, “Pride.” He wanted to remind the Paratroopers that they should walk tall, stand straight and be proud to be Airborne.

The honorary appointments serve to show that while we look to the future of the Army, we will never forget our past and appreciate those who came before us.