The United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School along with other units within the United States Army Special Operations Command were recognized for exceptional supply, maintenance and logistical readiness on Oct. 24, in Heritage Auditorium of the USASOC headquarters building.

The 2013 Combined Logistic Excellence Awards ceremony recognizes the best logisticians within USASOC.

The purpose of the CLEA program is to enhance the logistical readiness and effectiveness of USASOC organizations. The Army’s CLEA program consists of the Army’s Awards for Maintenance Excellence, the Supply Excellence Award and the Deployment Excellence Award programs.

Col. Martin S. Wagner, the deputy chief of staff G4 and host of the awards ceremony, congratulated all the awardees and noted their performance that shows efficiency and stewardship in resource management.

“It’s an honor and privilege for me to be here and award those who are doing the routine things routinely well,” said Wagner.

The United States Army John. F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School won the FY12 Chief of Staff Army Supply Excellence Awards level II (B) TDA Property Book for outstanding supply and logistics accountability.

The award is normally presented in Washington D.C., by the Army G4 however, this year USASOC had the privilege of recognizing the winners at the Army-level chief of staff of the Army’s CLEA program.

Richard M. Holcomb, deputy to the commanding general, USASOC, said he believes how a unit runs logistics and maintenance, is indicative of how the organization conducts daily business.

“Units who account for their property well are truly exceptional and probably do everything else well also,” said Holcomb.