In a time of budget constraints, Fort Bragg continues to move forward with new construction.

The installation currently has projects of $604 million under construction, said Glen W. Prillaman, chief, Master Planning Division, Directorate of Public Works. The bulk of construction in the next 10 years will be at two places the Yarborough Complex (off Chicken Road), estimated at about $370 million and the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare and School Campus, (block bound by Zabitosky, Gruber and Reilly roads and Ardennes Street) estimated at about $171 million.

Fort Bragg is very fortunate to have military construction projects at a time when other installations have little to none, Prillaman explained.

In fact, the installation averages about $100 million a year in MILCON, said Camille Cole, chief, Master Planning Branch, DPW. Construction includes not just administration facilities, but community facilities such as a new elementary school at Linden Oaks.

Additionally, Army and Air Force Exchange Service, which is funded through profits generated by AAFES, will build an entertainment complex to include a movie theater and retail buildings, said Robert Fleming, planner, DPW. The complex will be located adjacent to the North Post Exchange, with construction projected to begin in fiscal year 2016.

Projects currently under construction include:

XVIII Airborne Corps Mission Support Facility, $5.9 million

U.S. Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command headquarters, $24 million

Hospital alteration, $59 million

FORSCOM Geospatial Readiness Facility, $9.1 million

Special operations forces brigade headquarters facility/95th Civil Affairs, $19 million

SOF Combat Medic Skills Complex, $7.6 million

SOF Battalion Operations Complex, 4th Military Information Support Group, $23.5 million

SOF upgrade Rowe Training Facility, $14 million

As the Home of the Airborne and the Special Operations Forces, Fort Bragg, despite dwindling fiscal resources, remains committed to providing quality facilities and infrastructure to support its population.