A lot can change in a decade — Fort Bragg’s on-post housing is no exception.

Corvias Military Living recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary at Fort Bragg in the month of August. The company is responsible for the development and management of the installation’s on-post housing.

‘Full steam ahead’

Corvias began a 50-year partnership with the U.S. Army’s Residential Communities Initiative on Aug. 1, 2003. As a result, the company assumed responsibility for the homes on Fort Bragg.

“It has been full steam ahead ever since. We could not have accomplished everything in the last 10 years without our partnership with RCI,” said Tim Toohey, Corvias’s program director at Fort Bragg. “Our partnership continues to focus on our customer service and quality of life for residents every day.”

Corvias quickly began work on improvements. The company has since constructed more than 2,200 homes, demolished more than 900 homes, and renovated more than 3,200 homes. One goal remained consistent — resident satisfaction.

“Everything we have done is with our Families’ and servicemembers’ best interests in mind,” said John G. Picerne, president and CEO of Corvias Military Living’s parent company, Corvias Group. “They will always be our top priority.”

A turning point

Corvias continued to make its mark on Fort Bragg throughout the years. The overall, on-post living experience expanded beyond the homes — it also began to incorporate amenities and services.

The Army’s self-help maintenance shops were eliminated. Instead, Corvias offered a professional maintenance team and 24-hour emergency maintenance services to all on-post residents.

Kayla Mankowski, wife of Pfc. Vincent Mankowski and resident of the Nijmegen/Cherbourg community, said she is especially grateful for the maintenance services. “The maintenance team is always very friendly, polite and quick,” said Mankowski. “I’m not handy, so I really appreciate their services when my husband is gone.”

Corvias recognized one other major need that Families may have when their servicemembers are away — lawn care. As a result, the company began offering lawn mowing to each home.

Suddenly, the typically busy military lifestyle became simpler. Servicemembers repeatedly deployed to fight in two wars, knowing that their Families were comfortable and happy in their homes.

Corvias continued to transform the on-post living experience with the opening of the Ardennes/Bataan Community Center in January 2006. A total of nine similar centers have since been built. Each of the centrally located facilities boasts amenities, including a luxury-style swimming pool, a fitness center, and a community office with a dedicated property management team.

The centers are now the sites of several free resident events, such as play groups, fitness classes, story times, and carnivals.

Isabelle Jennings, a resident of the Casablanca/Anzio Acres community, recently attended Corvias’s National Night Out celebration. Jennings made the outing a Family event with her mother Giovanna, and her daughter, Nylah. “I always come to the events,” said Jennings. “They’re fun, and they’re free!”

A master-planned community

The improvements did not stop there. In December 2006, the company broke ground on 1,100 acres of formerly undeveloped land to build the community of Linden Oaks. The neighborhood now has more than 1,200, four-bedroom homes and more than 6,000 residents living in the community.

The master-planned community, located off of Highway 87 near Cameron, N.C., is not just a place to call home. Three schools, a child development center, a school-age services facility, a youth activities center, and two community centers can all be found within the neighborhood’s gates.

A successful pilot initiative

Thousands of Families enjoy Fort Bragg’s on-post living experience every day. Before 2009, one demographic was unable to reap the same benefits and to live on Fort Bragg — senior single and unaccompanied servicemembers.

Corvias subsequently opened Randolph Pointe in February 2009. The community is comprised of 312, one- and two-bedroom apartments as well as a clubhouse. At the time, Randolph Pointe was one of four other similar pilot housing initiatives across the country. Since its development, the community is the only pilot housing initiative to receive approval for expansion. Phase II will bring 120 more apartments in 2014.

A look toward the future

As Corvias marks its 10-year anniversary, the company looks forward to its secondary development phase. Regardless of what the future will hold, one thing is for certain — Corvias has a lot to brag about at Fort Bragg.

“In my opinion, Corvias’s privatization of Family housing has been the single greatest improvement to the quality of life for service members and their Families at Fort Bragg,” said Greg Jackson, chief of the Housing Division at the Directorate of Public Works. “I look forward to the continued contributions that Fort Bragg’s and Corvias’s partnership will provide to residents over the next 40 years of the remaining partnership.”