My daughter just had her first heartbreak. A boy she was “dating” has broken up with her and she is really shocked because it happened out of nowhere. They were dating for about a month (around when school started), and I can’t seem to say the right thing to make her feel better. She locks herself in her room when she comes home from the bus, only to come downstairs to eat. What do I do?

Dealing with Heartbreak

Dear Dealing,

See that’s the thing, it seems so minute to us now, but back in the day, that was the worst. I remember a friend who had been dating a guy for like, six months, which is a long time for high school kids and he just dumped her out of nowhere. She was a wreck. No matter how many times you say, “there are more fish in the sea,” they just don’t get it. Kids live in the moment; they don’t see the future. They can’t get pass the initial break up to see that maybe it was for the better.

All you can do is be there for her; talk to her. Remind her that even though he has left her, you and her Family will not. You’ll always be there for one another. You also have to let her “mourn.” She needs a mourning period for her loss, give her time and space. I don’t know how long ago she was dumped, but give her a week or two, maybe even longer. But if you notice anything unusual about her mourning process like not eating, emotionally detached, giving up things she loves, etc., you may need to have a professional help her cope.

You know your daughter best, you know how she deals with things. Let her do her thing and if anything unusual occurs, step in and help. But my suggestion is to let her work through her emotions and give her space. Good luck.

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