The Army’s definition of resilience is the ability to grow, thrive in the face of challenges and bounce back from adversity. This attribute plays a vital role in a Soldier’s overall performance in both foreign and domestic environments. Because of this, the Army is continuing to emphasize the importance of  resilience and enhancing performance within units through the Master Resilience Training course.

“The master resilience training is built on 30 years of positive psychological studies from the University of Pennsylvania,” said Sgt. 1st Class Warren Feaster, XVIII Abn. Corps Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness deputy director. “What they found is that some people are born with resilience, but resilience skills can also be taught. That is the basis of the program,” he said.

The event presented two guest speakers from the Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness program and Army Family Advocacy program, each explaining the mission within their organizations and providing tools that MRT representatives could use for their personal use.

Kristin Knight, Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness site manager at Fort Bragg, said she wanted to share with the Soldiers that they are in a special group that has been selected to deliver a unique mission.

“Our biggest concern currently on Fort Bragg is domestic violence and abuse … these MRTs are the frontline and are the best resources we have to getting people help early,” said Thomas Hill, Family Advocacy program manager.

Maj. Gen. Jeffrey N. Colt, deputy commanding general, XVIII Abn. Corps, also praised the MRT representatives for working together to achieve optimal performance in units on Fort Bragg.

“Each unit has its own culture … they are all a little bit different,” said Colt. “Their performance will be enhanced if we strip away the stress.

It’s reaching out and finding some way to enhance their physical, emotional, social, spiritual and Family fitness. It’s leaders leading. You all have an incredibly important mission and I’m proud of each every one of you.”