Many Americans spend much of their days in an office. And for the 144 million members of the work force, the office can be a home away from home. By incorporating sustainable practices into the operations of the office, one can save natural resources, conserve fiscal resources and turn a home away from home into a healthy, efficient environment.

Here are some easy ways to “go green” at the office.

Energy conservation

Use task lighting and natural lighting when possible.

Use the power saver features on electronics such as copiers and printers.

Set office thermostats in accordance with Army regulations: 68 degrees (+/- 2 degrees) in the heating season and 78 degrees (+/- 2 degrees) in the cooling season.

Power down computers and other electronics at the end of the duty day.

Unplug electronics and appliances when the office is to be unoccupied for a long period of time, such as a deployment or holiday.

Sustainable transportation

Arrange a carpool with colleagues.

If possible, consider cycling or walking to the office.

Consider the Fort Bragg Sustainable Shuttle when traveling on post.

Waste reduction

Circulate office notices electronically.

Distribute, review and store files electronically.

Request publications such as newsletters and magazines to be delivered electronically.

Use both sides of the paper when printing and copying.

Reuse office supplies as much as possible.

Replace disposable items with reusable items.

Always recycle paper and other recyclables.

Responsible purchasing

Complete a thorough inventory of office supplies before ordering to avoid waste.

Purchase paper and other products with a minimum of 30 percent recycled content.

Purchase non-toxic or less-toxic versions of materials such as cleaners and ink.

Purchase energy efficient and water efficient products.


Consider innovative ways to be sustainable and resource-conscious at the office. Does your office present any unique opportunities to be green? There are several units and agencies on Fort Bragg that have some unusual green practices in their offices. For example, the Earth Terminal uses goats to perform grounds maintenance, and the 82nd Airborne Division Museum incorporates recycled materials into its revolving exhibits.

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