Capt. John H. Green Jr., a medical operations and logistics officer of the surgeon section of the 1st Theater Sustainment Command, volunteers his spare time mentoring youth in Venturing, a co-ed advanced scouting program for teens and young adults.

Green’s passion for scouting is nothing new.  His passion began while he was a young boy in the Boy Scouts, which has continued to flourish into his adulthood and into his military career.

“It’s the fun of scouting and watching the youth have fun that keeps me in,” said Green. “I get to have just as much fun as an adult as when I was a kid.”

During Green’s deployment to Iraq in 2008, he worked with the Iraqi Scout Program. He designed various collectable patches, which he sold to anyone who would support the cause.  After selling all of the patches, Green donated the proceeds to help the Iraqi scouts.

“As a kid I always wanted to make patches,” said Green. “I couldn’t draw very well, but I tried. I never really had the money to produce anything either. As an adult I used my patch designs to help raise money to support my volunteer efforts as well as help with other projects like I had going with Afghan scouting.”

Scouting is a world-wide organization and as Green travels the world he wants to bring the advantages of scouting to everyone who is interested.  During Green’s most recent deployment to Afghanistan, he wanted to use the same initiatives he used with the Iraqi scouts. Green, who previously initiated fundraising for Iraqi scouting during his deployment to Iraq, was able to provide additional activities for the Iraqis and he hoped to do the same for the scouts of Afghanistan.

The scouting troops rely on donations to be able to train scout leaders and for troop activities.

“Scouting in Afghanistan gives the youth an opportunity,” said Green. “Scouting provides something positive for them in a war-torn county.”

While Green is stationed in North Carolina, he continues to foster the scouts in the Fayetteville area.

Recently, Green accompanied 25 scouts from Troop 44 to Portsmouth, Va. to participate in the annual Sea Scout Weekend, which provided the scouts an opportunity to earn their Sea Scout badge.

Scouts learned various techniques from water safety to engine repair, then put their skills to the test while boating on the Chesapeake Bay.

Green will continue to mentor the Fayetteville scouts while assigned to Fort Bragg. He hopes to deploy to Afghanistan in the near future so he can continue to support the Afghan scouting program.

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