The 108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade held its quarterly Safety Day Aug. 30.

Soldiers of 108th ADA went through a day of training which consisted of multiple stations providing critical information that could significantly impact the lives of Soldiers and Families on and off post.

“Commander’s and leaders must stress the importance of Soldiers being responsible for their own safety each day. Dedicating an entire day allows Soldiers to focus on that importance without distractions. Safety training must be well planned, coordinated and executed to keep Soldiers’ attention. Using outside agencies help to change the old routine Soldiers are used to. Sharing real life experiences with Soldiers makes it personal,” said David Martin, 108th ADA Bde. safety manger.

The classes for the Safety Day included suicide prevention, sexual assault prevention/ sexually transmitted diseases, domestic violence, child abuse prevention, financial awareness and vehicle/driving safety.

The vehicle/driving safety station had a noticeable impact of the Soldiers. At the station, Soldiers gathered around a monitor to listen to the tragic story on two fathers who lost their young sons as result of drunk drivers. After the men shared their stories and told how the events affected their lives, a slide show presentation was shown to give the Soldiers more insight into the lives of their sons. They further explain that since the deaths of their sons they have been advocates for increasing the awareness of the dangers of drunk driving.

Before the close of the vehicle/driving safety station, Soldiers volunteered to get in a device that simulated how it would feel to be in a car crash going 10 miles per hour. The Soldiers were also given goggles that when worn, they could experience how things would appear if they had a 0.08 percent alcohol level. Due to impaired vision, Soldiers were unable to neither walk a straight line nor catch a small object that was tossed directly to them.

“One of the main things that I want Soldiers to take away from the safety day is that an accident or fatality affects not just the person involved in the incident, but Families and love ones have to live with the lost as well”, said Martin.

Through the successful coordination of the 108th Brigade, and Army Community Service programs and other agencies, Soldiers were able to get an up-close and personal perspective of individual lives, situations and circumstances that stressed the importance of taking care of themselves, Family and fellow comrades.

“To conduct a successful safety day, it is paramount to emphasize the importance of how proper education is key to successful prevention. It is also crucial that Soldiers understand that their actions have consequences; that they are ultimately responsible for their own safety as well as of those around them”, said Capt. Glendon Frye, 108th ADA Bde. headquarters battery commander.